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I have been Busy at the Dog Shows in 2014 and have Finished the Championship on CH.Pruden N Jenuwane Fade To Black

I also have SIX others Pointed & close to finishing - They Are:

1) Tinyprints Victory Win
2)Jenuwane Nite Chills N Thrills
3) Jenuwane Lady Liberty
4) Jenuwane Black To The Future
5) Jenuwane Totaly Mesmerizing
6) Jenuwane Now U C Me Now U Don't

I hope to have a few of these kids finished by the end of 2014 & have several others waiting there turn to be shown in 2015

Below are a few pictures from show wins in 2014... as well as with other years.


"Indigo" - Pruden N Jenuwane Fade To Black

This is my Beautiful Puppy Boy "Indigo"
" Pruden N Jenuwane Fade To Black " 
He was shown at the Cavendish PEI shows July 15th & 16th/ 2013 were he won WD each day as well as a Adult Group 3 placement & Best Puppy In Group Saturday & is now half way through his Canadian Championship. He will be shown again in 2014

"Karma" - Jenuwane Totaly Mesmerizing

This is "Karma" Jenuwane Totaly Mesmerizing, she made her Show Debut on June 8th/2013 at the Oromacto KC, Karma won Back to Back Winners Bitch for her first two points.
Karma was shown again at Cavindish PEI were she won BOB on Sunday & a Group 3 placement for another 4 points, she will be shown again in 2014.

My Last Show of the Year was November 13th/2011 were I finished my Fifth Champion Bred & Handled by me & we had Many Group wins & Best Puppy In Shows this year & I am Very Happy & Thankful to all the judges who gave my Poms these wins found them deserving.

"Giggles" Jenuwane Just Because - Sire: CH.Jenuwane Mesmerize Me X Jandala Veinna Waltz

This Beautiful girl is my Lovely Giggles pictured at her first weekend of shows in Canada at the NBKC in August 2011 winning a Group 4th placement after winning BOB over a multi group winning special, she won Five points at these shows.


Giggles was shown again at the Miramichi KC shows September 24th 2011 were she again won another Group 3 placement over another special & now only needs 3 points to become a Champion.


"Giggles" became my Fifth multi. Group winning Champion Bred & Finished by Me in 2011, she is now CH.Jenuwane Just Because & is pictured finishing with a Group 2nd win at the Moncton Kennel Club show on November 13th / 2011
Also Finished this year with other owners are :
C/Aust/CH.Jenuwane Bring On The Heat (Australia)
Hun/CH.Jenuwane High Voltage  (Hungary)
Croatia/CH.Jenuwane I've Got Rythym  (Croatia)
Five Champions finished this year are Sired by "Tyco"
BPISS/Multi.BPIS/Grp/CH.Jenuwane Mesmerize Me
Thank You to "ALL" the Judges that made this a Very successful year & now we look forward to 2012


2011 - Show News (starting in March)

UPDATE: August 26th/2011
"Kiwi" Made his show Debut at the Fredericton KC shows July 30, 31 & Aug 1st 2014 "Wins"(Pictured below) he was then shown again at the NBCK shows Aug.20/21/22 & 23 where he Won Best Puppy In Group - All Four days!!! & I am happy to say is now a "NEW Champion"

CH.Jenuwane Signature Series - is the fourth Champion finished by Jenuwane since starting to show this year. Kiwi will now leave to go to his New Home in S.Korea & we wish him great success there.

In June my Girl "Giggles" Jenuwane Just Because also started out at the NBKC shows & Won WB & BOS over a female Champion  August 20th & then also won BOW / BOB & a Toy Group 4th placement August 22 & is half way to her Championship.


Kiwi was shown on August 13th & won WD & then went on to win BOS over a group winning male Champion.

Kiwi - Winning "All Breed" Best Puppy In Show

On August 1st "Kiwi" finished off his first weekend of shows by winning an "All Breed" Best Puppy In Show - Under Judge: Mr.R.McCoy "Ireland"
Kiwi will leave to go to his New Home in S.Korea once finished.

Kiwi - Jenuwane Signature Series

Kiwi is pictured above winning Adult Toy Group 4th place & Best Puppy In Group on July 31st/2011 under Judge: Bud Haverstock, he also won BOB the day befor on July 30th with the same breed entry each day under Judge: Mr.R.McCoy

Kiwi - Jenuwane Signature Series - Winning Group 1

I am pleased to present my newest puppy "KIWI" Jenuwane Signature Series, he started out being shown at the Fredericton Kennel Club shows & on July 30th/2011 at the Tender age of 8 months old he won BOB over a Multi Group winning Champion & then on to win an Adult Toy Group First Place & Best Puppy In Group under - Judge: Pat Gilbert

Sire:Multi.Grp&BPIS/CH.Jenuwane Mesmerize Me - Dam: CH.Jenuwane Sweet Chili Heat

June 18th & 19th/2011,
I am very Proud too report another "New" Jenuwane Champion finished at the Mill River - PEI shows.

"Sonar" CH.Jenuwane Photo Image - is pictured above finishing with a First place in the Toy Group on June 18th his first time back in the ring after being shown one weekend in 2010 as a puppy,
the next day on June 19th - Sonar also won BOB & another Toy Group 3rd placement. Sonar finished undefeated in two weekends of shows.

September 11th & 12th/2010,
"Sonar" Jenuwane Photo Image - was shown at his first show at eight months old, he did very well winning BOW/BOB/BPIG plus an All Breed.
"Best Puppy In Show" at the Pictou KC shows, these are double shows with two shows in one day & at the second show Sonar also won BOW/BOB/Best Puppy In Group/ plus an Adult Group 4th placement.
Sonar also won again the next day with two more BOW/BOB/Best Puppy In Group/ plus another Adult Toy Group 2nd placement, He now only needs two points to become a Canadian Champion & all this in one weekend of shows,  I am very Proud of this Boy...  please check back for updates on this boy & my other kids I am showing.

New Champion "Peeka" CH.Jenuwane Take A Peek

New Champion "Zinger" CH.Jenuwane Tantilizingly Dark

June 11th & 12th/2011,
I am very Proud too report that I finished two more Jenuwane Champions,
June 11th "Peeka" won BOB & Group 2 win from the classes over a champion to become:  CH.Jenuwane Take A Peek 
Peeka is pictured below from last year & is undefeated in Females.
June 12th "Zinger"
became: CH.Jenuwane Tantilizingly Dark
by winning WD & 2 BOW at three shows that weekend, I did not show him at the last show that weekend as he had already finished by the third show, Zinger is pictured below from 2010 & is undefeated in males.

This little Girl is "Giggles" Jenuwane Just Because - at 9 months old at the APC Specialty 2011

Giggles who is pictured above made her show debut in style at the tender age of nine months old at the APC National Specialty 2011, this was a large class of 20 puppies & I am very proud of Giggles winning 2nd place in this class - as well as in the Puppy Sweeps here at her first show, check back for updates on this special girl through 2011 as we go too more shows.

2010 - Show News (Starting in July until September)

This is "Sonar" - Jenuwane Photo Image at his first show

September 11th & 12th/2010,
I would like to introduce my latest show boy "Sonar" Jenuwane Photo Image - he is pictured here being shown at his first show at eight months old, he did very well winning BOW/BOB/BPIG plus an All Breed - "Best Puppy In Show" at the Pictou KC shows, these are double shows with two shows in one day & at the second show Sonar also won BOW/BOB/Best Puppy In Group/ plus an Adult Group 4th placement.
Sonar is also pictured winning again the next day with two more BOW/BOB/Best Puppy In Group/ plus another Adult Toy Group 2nd placement, He now only needs two points to become a Canadian Champion & all this in one weekend of shows,  I am very Proud of this Boy who may be available once he finishes his Canadian Championship... please check back for updates on this boy & my other kids I am showing also.

" Peeka " - Jenuwane Take A Peek

This Beautiful little Girl is the litter sister to "Zinger" pictured below, "Peeka" - Jenuwane Take A Peek - she made her show debut at the same shows FKC in July 2010 - winning a All Breed "Best Puppy In Show"
she also won Winners Bitch each day & now has 3 points toward her Canadian Championship,
Check back for updates on these kids as they strut there stuff at up coming shows...
Sire: BPISS/Multi.BPIS/Multi.Grp/CH.Jenuwane Mesmerize Me
Dam:  Jenuwane Try To Resist

" Zinger " - Jenuwane Dark N Tantilizing

This beautiful little Black & Tan boy is "Zinger"  Jenuwane Dark N Tantilizing  &  is pictured here at 9 months old at the Fredericton KC shows July 2010 at his first weekend of shows winning "Best Puppy In Group" & a adult Group 3 placement.
He also won another BPIG the day befor & in one weekend has 4 points now toward his Canadian Championship.
Sire: BPISS/Multi.BPIS/Multi.Group/CH.Jenuwane Mesmerize Me
Dam: Jenuwane Try To Resist

2009 Show News (Starting from May until October)
Tyco was the #2 TOP Toy Puppy in the Maritimes for 2009

Tyco winning - Back To Back - Best Puppy In Shows

Tyco - BISS/Multi.BPIS/Multi.Grp/
                     CH.Jenuwane Mesmerize Me
is pictured above finishing off this year of shows  - by winning Two more Group 2 wins plus Back to Back - Best Puppy In Shows on October 30th & 31st/ 2009
Tyco was shown only three months this year & "ALL" as a puppy & has accompished the following Wins.
12 - Best Of Breed, including Best Of Breed at the Pomeranian Club Of Canada - Booster Aug.19th/09
At Seven Months Old!!  Breeder-Judge: N. Dunfee
1 - First In Adult Group
2 - Adult Group Two wins
2 - Adult Group Three wins
1 - Adult Group Four win
11 - Best Puppy In Toy Group wins
7 - Best Puppy In Show wins, with One of those wins a Best Puppy In Specialty Show at the PCOC National Specialty in August 2009

Tyco & I just returned home from the Miramichi kennel club shows on September 26 & 27 / 2009 in Sunny Corner NB, Pictured above - Tyco won 4 more BOB at these shows & also won 2 more BPIG, plus a Group 4 placement under Mr.Robert Whitney,  Tyco then went on to win his 4th "Best Puppy In Show" at these shows!!!  Under Judge: Mrs.Sandy Gelinas
Please check back for updates on this Beautiful Sable puppy that is Turning Heads everywere he goes & who will also be a New Daddy himself by the middle of October 2009...

Tyco is continuing his winning ways with 3 more BOB at the Pictou KC shows in Nova Scotia, Sept. 12th & 13th 2009, plus 3 - more BPIG, as well as another Adult Grp.3 & a BIG -Adult Group (1) Pictured - Tyco then went onto his 3rd All Breed  "Best Puppy In Show" under Judge: Mr. Patterson,  Thank you also to Judge's: Mr.C.Bett & Mrs.L.Bett   we did not stay to compete for BPIS on Sunday as judging was to be very late & I had a long drive home... :-( 

Tyco- winning BPISS at the PCOC National Specialty

Tyco-BOB & then onto a BPIG & a adult Group 3 win

Tyco - winning - All Breed "Best Puppy In Show"

I am so Thrilled to report on the wins "Tyco" won at the New Brunswick Kennel Club shows August 15,16,19 & 20th/2009
Tyco at 7 months old,  won Best Puppy in Breed on  Saturday the 15th with a total pom entry of 24... Then on Sunday Tyco won
"Best Puppy In Specialty Show"
 at the Pomeranian Club Of Canada National Specialty with a Total entry of 42 poms under Judge: Mr.Jim Reynolds!!!! we did not show on Monday & Tuesday, but 
on Wednesday the Pomeranian Club Of Canada also had a Booster show under breeder Judge: Natalia Dunfee, were Tyco won 
"BEST OF BREED" with a total entry of 26 poms and then went on to win Best Puppy In Group & also won a Adult Group "3" win under Judge: Mr.Jim Reynolds... 
Tyco was not done yet & went on to win an his first All Breed -
 "Best Puppy In Show" - under Judge: Ms.Keke Kahn,
The next day on Thusday Tyco again won BPIB & BPIG under judge: Ms.Keke Kahn,  then onto another "All Breed Best Puppy In Show!!!!
Under judge - Mr.Jim Reynolds
Tyco is pictured below finishing his Championship in July & is now... BISS/Multi.BPIS.CH.Jenuwane Mesmerize Me...

I am Thrilled to introduce my "New" Champion # 3 for 2009 "Tyco" CH.Jenuwane Mesmerize Me
Tyco finished his championship in only two weekends of shows, finishing on July 26th/2009 - winning 6 - BOW, 5 - BPIB, 2 - BPIG,  as well as an All Breed Best In Match!!  all this at the tender age of 7 months old,  I am looking forward to some fun times with this boy in the future, check back for updates.

"Proda" Jenuwane Custom Made

This Beautiful girl pictured above is "Proda" Jenuwane Custom Made & is another "Furby" daughter & also the mother to "Tyco" pictured above,  she made her debut at the same shows as her son & has won several - BOW & now needs only 4 points to finish her Canadian Championship, she is now living in Thialand,
 New Owner: Wichan Limpatanon - http://topflightpomeranians.page.tl/Home.htm
 Please check back for updates on others that will be shown soon!!!!

These two New Jenuwane Pomeranians pictured below finished there Championships on June 21st/2009  Both Breeder / Owner / Handled  to there titles.
Champion # 2  for 2009 - CH.Jenuwane Dare To Resist  aka "Kira"  finished in only two weekends of shows at 11 months old, winning 3 -BOW, 2 - BPIG, as well as an All Breed "Best Puppy In Show" pictured below.
It was a Great day for me that day even in the rain LOL,  as I also finished the Championship # 1 for 2009 - on my boy "Pepper" CH.Jenuwane Bring On The Heat,  he won several BOW as well as a Group 1 to complete his Canadian Championship.
This Championship was very important to me as with this Championship it Qualified  his Sire "Furby" for his (ROMX) Register Of Merit Excellent - Title as a Top Producer of over ten Champions & counting!!  This made this Championship just that much sweeter for me as it was the last thing I could do for my Special boy "Furby" who is now gone but will never be forgotten & who will live on in my heart & in his many kids he left behind.

CH.Jenuwane Dare To Resist "Kira" at 11 months
BISS/Rus/CH.Jenuwane Dare To B Different / Jenuwane Try To Resist

Can/Aust?CH.Jenuwane Bring On The Heat "Pepper"
BISS/C/A/CH.Jenuwayne Made You Look / Jandala Cinnamon Twist

Pictured above is my "Furby" son "Pepper" who is now Can/Aust/CH. Jenuwane Bring On The Heat  - He is pictured above at his first show & he did wonderful by winning  Best Of Breed & then Best In Group for a 5 point major under Judge Mr.Don Dunkin,
After finishing he went to live in Australia with Denise Leo & is now a Australian Champion...

BISS/Rus/CH.Jenuwane Dare To B Different
CH.RNF AscendingTraditions / Jenuwane I C U Lookin

This Beautiful Tiny barely 3 pound Boy is
"Keno" - "Jenuwane Dare To Be Diff"Rent"  pictured winning Best Of Winners  Aug./2008
at the New Brunswick Toy Dog Specialty,
Keno now lives in Russia ith Anna Pobochina & is now a Russian Champion there & a BISS & Group winner there also, you can go there to visit him for updates at.

Can.CH.Jenuwane Sweet Chili Heat
BISS/C/A/CH.Jenuwayne Made You Look / Jandala Cinnamon Twist

This Beautiful orange girl is a  "Furby"  daughter born May 28th 2007,
"Chili" aka - C/CH.Jenuwane Sweet Chili Heat  finished her Championship in June 2008, she was shown three weekends to finish her Canadian Championship & I am very proud of her, her Brother "Pepper" is pictured above.

Jenuwane I C U Lookin - aka, "Mango"

                       I  am pleased to Present "Mango"
This beautiful little "Furby" daughter is
"Jenuwane I C U Lookin"
&  is the mother of "Keno" above,  she was shown at the Oromacto NB.,  shows June 9th & 10th were she won two BOW for 3 points, she was then shown at the Mill River  PEI  shows the following weekend were she won WB & BOW
 for another 3 points,   unfortunetly Mango lost some front teeth after her last litter,  so this has now prevented her from finishing her Championship.

Below are wins taken at  American Pomeranians Club "Nationals"

Can/Fin/Lv/Est/Lavia/Slo.CH.Jenuwane Kool Protege

Can/Fin/Lv/Est/Lavia/Slo.CH.Jenuwane Kool Protege

Mazda  & I  went to the American Pomeranian Club, Nationals in Kentucky in March 2006  & I am thrilled to say she did very well there by winning,
" Best Junior Puppy In Sweepstakes " under Breeder Judge Mrs Sue Goddard
She was not done yet, she then won,
 First in the 9 - 12 month class with a entry of over 20 puppies, at just 9 months old!!!
 under Breeder Judge Mrs.Erika Moureau
I also took Kooler, Electro & Furby there & am Proud to say they ALL placed well in every class they were entered in.

After the APC Nationals,  Mazda was shown 3 days at the Syracuse NY shows & won 4 & 5 point Majors there,  before leaving to go to her new home Tinylife Pomeranians  in Finland:     
 I am proud to say her new owner Terhi who also  owns Mazda's sire Kooler, has shown this lovely girl & done very well with her & Kooler,
Mazda is now,
Can/Fin/Lv/Est/Lavia/Slo.CH. winner 2007
Jenuwane Kool Protege
Kooler also has 11 points with one major in the US  & is now known as:
International/Can/Fin/Lv/Est/Lt/S/Rus/ CH.
Jenuwane Kool Running
Kooler & Mazda have taken some wonderful wins in all the Countries they were shown in,  please take the time to visit them at  there home for updates at,


This is  C/A/CH.Jenuwane Look I'm The Candy Man, he is pictured here winning "Best Of Winners" at the 2004 APC summer specialty for a 5 point major, this was his first American show & he finished undefeated at the Indiana All Breed shows following the specialty with 2 BOW & Back to Back 5 point Majors.



C/A/CH.Jenuwane Look I'm The Candy Man
Pictured wining BOW at the APC Speciality 2004